Discover PonGo

A new experience for

your adventures

travel differently !

Light and robust, PonGo is towable by a large amount of vehicles. With a length by only 4m20 and a fully equiped weight at 800kgs, you can nearly tow it wherever you want, with your usual vehicle.

Equipped with solar panels, batteries, you can plug your gear through the 4 USB slots and the 220V socket. Add the water filtration, and you see you can really go wherever you want.

With your dragonfly doors at the corner, you'll never have anymore the impression to be enclosed. Full nature connection, but protected from the elements to eat and sleep !

Insulation made with our proprietary sandwich aluminium panels (aluminium sheet and PET foam (100% from recycled bottles) can garanty a importante insulation from cold, but also from heat.

When it's raining, you'll always be able to cook and eat inside.

Open the outside kitchen drawer, seat yourselfs, and eat your most favorite flavours !

Your fully manageable inside outfitting allow you to transform your interior from a 1 person bed to a 2 person bed, store your gear, or even charge your E-bike.

Stow your neoprene suits, you wet jacket under the doors to allow them to dry after an intense sporting day !

With our proprietary high fixing rails, let your gear accessible. On the front plateform, put your wet,dirty or smelly equipement, keeping your inside clean and fresh.

Independant suspensed wheels, high clearance, you can really go offgrid. Hot galvanised chassis, full aluminium structure, with powder coating, don't even hesitate to put it under water !

Offroad camper specifications : PonGo